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The Casa Gracia staff would like to tell you that we are here to get you make the most out of your stay in Barcelona. This city is just amazing, and sometimes all the secrets could be difficult to find. That is why we created this guide, for you to enjoy as much as possible, both inside the hostel and everything the city has to offer by night. In this guide you will find all the activities we set for you, and we will also give you some tips on nice bars and clubs.

Our aim is to make your trip as easy, as fun and as memorable as possible, to make your Barcelona experience the best experience ever!


Casa Gracia Dinner

Pub Crawls


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Our Top 10 Bars



Dinner at Casa Gracia

Every Thursday night

We make a big table in the living room, put on a little music and we cook for you a typical Spanish meal: Paella!!!

The Paella is a saffron-flavored dish made with a combination of rice, vegetables and chicken.

To complement the dinner, we also offer you the typical drink of Spain: Sangria.

PaellaThe dinner includes:

A fresh green Salad with Tomatoes, Onions and Lemon

A Paella made with Chicken, special Rice, fresh vegetables and Saffron

A special surprise of the day…



While enjoying this delicious Paella, you’ll get the time to meet the other nice people staying in the hostel. Don’t miss it!

The dinner cost is 8 Euros, and includes Paella, Salad and Sangria. You can register directly at the reception.

Please let us know in advance if you are vegetarian!















Pub crawls

pubcrewlingBarcelona’s best bars are a well kept secret, hidden in the narrow winding streets of the city. Even though a few of them are famous, most are not that easy to find. That’s why we organize a special FREE Pub Crawl for you and your friends, where we’ll go every night to different bars, pubs and clubs: from the cozy Catalan bars to the huge clubs at the beach, without forgetting the South American bars and the famous Chupiterias (shooter bars).

If you like experiencing the best bars a city has to offer, avoiding the tourist traps and the time wasted looking for a nice place, if you like meeting new people and creating incredible memories, if you like discovering new places, new cultures and amazing people: this tour is made for you!!!


A friendly guide will take you on our FREE Pub Crawl every night from Monday to Friday*, starting at 22h30.

The tour starts at the reception of Casa Gracia, and is open to every person that wants to get the best of their stay in Barcelona.

All you have to do is register on the list left at the reception, where you can enter your name, room number (so we can come pick you up if you’re late ;) and your mail (this is optional, but as we’ll try to take as many photos as we can, that’s the only way we can share them with you).

If you need further information you can contact Guillermo by phone (0034/633.670.960) or directly ask the reception.

* Casa Gracia reserves the right to cancel the tour at any moment before 22h.



Barcelona is known to offer endless nightlife. So you can enjoy all the best parties in the city, we have selected the best clubs for you to make your trip one to remember.

Note that you can always ask the reception for the best parties of the day.





Shôko Club is a cross between Feng Shui, Japanese design and a Buddhist meditative feel.

It has three large bars anchoring the dance floor with an elevated VIP section. The music is a mix of Dance, Trance, Electronic, Latin House, Club and House. This may be one of the best clubs of Barcelona, with a terrace directly on the beach. The new XoXo Party that takes place on Wednesday is already recognized as one of the best student parties.

Metro: Ciutadella Vila Olímpica (L4), Nitbus: N6. (from the metro/bus station, go straight in the direction of the big tower and the club is at the end of the street)

Wed-Sun: 23:00-03:30 Entrance: 10€ normal price. Dress code: trendy

Free entrance Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun if you say you’re on Casa Gracia’s guest list!




Hyde club is a central disco that plays house and soulful beats. With its great atmosphere, and its location 5 minutes walk from our hostel, it’s one of our favorites for the week-end.

Metro: Passeig de Gràcia (L3, L4). Address: Passatge de Domingo 3.

Fri-Sat: 00:00-06:00. Entrance: 10 € normal price. Dress code: elegant

Free entrance on Fri/Sat if you say you’re on Casa Gracia’s guest list!!!





Mojito Club is a Latin club that plays the best salsa music in town. It is ideal if you want to get to know the craziness of Salsa, even better if you already know it and would like to enjoy it in Barcelona!!!

Metro: Diagonal (L3, L5). Address: C/ de Rosselló, 217

Wed-Sun: 23:00-05:00. Entrance: 10€ normal price. Dress code: sexy & stylish

Free entrance on Fri/Sat if you say you’re on Casa Gracia’s guest list!!!




Roxy Blue is ideal for some central clubbing and if you want to get to know some locals. Although it is a small club, it has 2 different areas with House and RnB/Hip Hop and is perfect to spend a funny night between friends. Their best party will definitely be on Sunday night, when they have a band from Brazil playing live for 2 hours, followed by a crazy party until the early hours.

Metro: Passeig de Gracia (L3). Address: C/ Consell de Cent 294.

Thu-Sun: 00:00-05:00. Entrance: 15€ (+ a drink). Dress code: chill.

Free entrance* on Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun if you say you’re on Casa Gracia’s guest list!!!




Sutton Club is probably the most up market nightclub in Barcelona. The club has a mix of posh locals and foreign clubbers and is extremely popular, especially on Thursdays.

It has 2 dance floors. The smaller room has mainly pop music from the 80s and 90s.

The principal dance floor, with commercial dance and house music, contains two large VIP areas.

Metro: Diagonal (L3, L5). Address: C/ Tuset 13.

Thu-Sat: 00:00-05:30. Entrance: 15€ normal price. Dress code: strictly elegant.

Free entrance* on Thursday night if you say you’re on Casa Gracia’s guest list!!!

*The free entrance will be given on limited nights, just ask the reception to make sure it is.


Catwalk is a two storey club. Upstairs in the Sky Room you can dance to some of the finest hip hop and RnB and downstairs you will find one big house party. Some of the great labels are also associated with this place like Subliminal Records, Defected in the House, OM Records, Juicy Music and Silicon.

Metro: Ciutadella Vila Olímpica (L4). Address: C/ Ramon Trias fargas.

Thu-Sun: 23:59-05:00. Entrance: 15€ normal price. Dress code: smart & elegant

Free entrance* if you say you’re on Casa Gracia’s guest list!!!


Sotavento Beach Club is a new restaurant-club. It's a modern, elegant venue with a terrace that overlooks the sea and plays commercial house.

Metro: Ciutadella Vila Olímpica (L4). Address: Paseo Maritimo 34.

Mon-Sun: 23:00-03:00. Entrance: 15€ normal price. Dress code: dress to impress.

Free entrance on Friday if you say you’re on Casa Gracia’s guest list!!!

* The free entrance will be given on limited nights, just ask the reception to make sure it is.


Moog , the beat of electronic music, offers a monthly program within the electronic music genres like house, drum'n'bass, electro trash, trance or classic techno. The club has three resident DJs with special sessions dedicated to specific schools of electronic music. If it gets crowded, around the edge of the dance floor, you can go up some stairs to a higher level with a smaller dance floor with 70s and 80s disco, as well as techno tracks.

Metro: Drassanes(L3). Address :C/ Arc del teatre 3.

Mon-Sun: 00:00-05:00. Entrance: 15.00 normal price. Dress code: cool.

Free entrance* if you say you’re on Casa Gracia’s guest list!!!

* The free entrance will be given on limited nights, just ask the reception to make sure.


Razzmatazz is a classic of the Barcelona nightlife scene, famous for its live concerts with national and international artists. But every Friday and Saturday night the concert hall changes into the biggest club of Barcelona, regrouping five different rooms: The RAZZ Club with rock, techno; the POP Bar; REX Room with gothic rock, industrial, gay house, old-school electro; The LOFT with techno-house, and hard techno, and the LOLITA with dub and electro. The Razz also hosts a nice Erasmus party on Wednesday.

Metro: Marina (L1) or Bogatell (L4). Adress: C/ de Pamplona 88.

Wed/Fri/Sat: 00:00-05:00. Entrance: 15.00 € normal price. Dress code: casual.

VIP entrance on Fri/Sat, ask the reception!!!



Each night, we will organize something different for you to enjoy, going from Xbox competitions to Poker, special role playing games or Barça live football games in the living room.


We have a lot of activities waiting for you, and all you have to do is ask the reception to enjoy one of them, some are on determined days, for the rest you can ask, we’re here for you!

Here’s a list of everything we can organize on the evenings:


xbox2chill -Xbox Sport/Adventures Competitions,

-Drinking Games,

-Poker, Dominos and other games,

-Live Sports on big screen,

-Role Playing Games,


chill2 chill3 chill4

If you would like us to organize something else for you, just tell us, we’ll do our best to make it possible.

Our Top10 Bars

Here you will find a list of a few nice bars we recommend. Enjoy them ;)


-Mondo Lirondo: this authentic underground bar in our neighborhood, just 1min walking, offers the cheapest drinks in town with a great atmosphere. Really relaxed place, a great spot to meet locals. We definitely recommend it!

Address: C/ Riera de Sant Miquel 40. Metro: Diagonal (L3).

-La Birreria: is a nice little Irish pub, with an Argentinian touch, giving you the opportunity to taste all types of beers and cocktails of the world. Situated in the new part of Gracia, just 2 min walking.

Address: C/ Sant Pere 7. Metro: Diagonal (L3).

-Dow Jones: this atypical pub offers a special stock market for the drinks, and prices are always going up and down depending on the orders of people. Don’t miss the cracks!!

Address: C/ Bruc 97. Metro: Paseo de Gracia (L3).

-Ice bar: is a bar made of Ice only! With a perfect location on the beach, the only disadvantage would be the prices of the drinks…

Address: C/ Ramon Trias Fargas. Metro: Ciutadella Vila Olimpica (L4)

-Legs bar is a place where famous locals and ambitious students meet before going clubbing in the Sutton, the style is really classy here… Who knows, maybe you could meet some celebrities here…

Address: C/ Tuset 28. Metro: Diagonal (L3).

-Gato Negro is a crazy shooter bar in the center of the town: Ideal to start crazy nights.

Address: C/ Pelai 40, Metro: Universitat (L1).

-Espit Chupitos: this is a typical chupiteria, a shooter bar, with an atmosphere that you would only find in Spain. With hundreds of different shooters on the menu, you’re sure you will be down for a crazy night.

Address: C/ Arribau 77. Metro: Paseo de Gracia (L3)


-Bar Marsella: a cosy Little absinthe bar, lost in the amazing Raval neighborhood, where some famous artists like Dali, Picasso, Gaud or Hemingway used to meet with their friends…
Address : C/ Sant Pau 65. Metro: Liceu (L3)

-Xampaneria: great tapas bar where your tapas are coming with a free bottle of cava. Pretty crowded though, the best idea will to go there before 7pm if you’re in the mood to start a long and memorable night.

Address: C/ Reina Cristina 7. Metro: Barceloneta (L4).

-Sol de Nit: a chill atmosphere in a small bar situated next to the hostel, on la Plaza del Sol where you can also find a lot of different small bars typical of the Gracia neighborhood.

Address: Plaza del Sol 9. Metro: Diagonal (L3).

-Polaroid: A relaxed atmosphere and some crazy shots to make sure you’ll have a good night, what else can you ask for? This bar also exposes a few souvenirs of the Latin culture of the 80’s.

Address: C/ Codols 29. Metro: Liceu (L3).

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